Fun with Funfetti!

funfetti sweets

Of all the trends happening in the food realm, it’s clear that rainbow/funfetti sweets have really taken the world (not to mention social media!) by storm. And, we must say, we’ve really had a lot of fun putting an AK twist on the colorful craze. Check out some of our favorites below! The post Fun with Funfetti! appeared first on Abigail... Read more on the AK site →

Drink Recipe: Spiked Slushies

spiked slushies

Most of us remember slushies as those icy childhood treats that we just couldn’t get enough of. Well, no need to feel nostalgic any longer because we have taken those classic frozen drinks and given them an adult makeover — complete with alcohol! Try our three recipes below: Lemon Basil Slushie Makes 1 Cocktail 1.5 oz vodka 2 oz lemon juice 1 oz simple syrup 3-4 fresh basil... Read more on the AK site →

Featured Wedding: Jayme & Josh @ Pier Sixty

pier sixty wedding

jayme & josh feb 24, 2018 @ pier sixty the story After asking Jayme's parents for her hand in marriage, Josh and his bride-to-be’s family and friends spent months planning the perfect proposal for Jayme (unbeknownst to her of course!). It was about two years after their first date and the couple arrived at Jayme’s grandparents' house in Queens where she thought they were celebrating... Read more on the AK site →

VIDEO: Jumbo Macarons

jumbo macarons

With its lightly crisp outside, slightly chewy inside and the perfect amount of sweetness, nothing beats biting into a mouthwatering macaron. In fact, we love these delicious confections so much that we decided to try a supersized version! Check out our video below highlighting our Fruity, Funfetti and Tiramisu Jumbo Macarons. The post VIDEO: Jumbo Macarons appeared first on Abigail... Read more on the AK site →

AK Teams Up With Food Rescue US

AK was proud to team up with Food Rescue US for its signature "Food For All" fundraiser. The organization, which uses technology to end food insecurity by bridging the gap between excess and access, hosted it's annual "strolling culinary event" at The Loading Dock in Stamford. Guests enjoyed tasting plates and cocktails from Fairfield County's newest chefs, restaurants, mixologists and more -... Read more on the AK site →

AK New Menu: Our Latest Creations!

AK New Menu

After months of brainstorming, testing and retesting, we’re proud to unveil yet another stellar spring/summer menu from our amazingly talented team of chefs. From charcoal blinis to DIY waffles on a stick, check out a sampling of what’s new on the menu!   BREAKFAST HORS D'OEUVRES APPETIZERS ENTREES DESSERTS CARTS The post AK New Menu: Our Latest Creations! appeared... Read more on the AK site →

Featured Wedding: Michelle & Zak @ Tappan Hill Mansion

Michelle & Zak Wedding

michelle & zak august 19, 2017 @ tappan hill mansion the story Zak proposed in Gramercy Park on June 4, 2016. "We live close to the private beautiful park that is only accessible by key. He tricked me into thinking we were meeting friends at the park before a charity event but ended up proposing on a quiet path with his siblings hiding in the bushes taking pictures," says Michelle.... Read more on the AK site →

VIDEO: Savory & Sweet Yogurt Bowls

Sometimes we all need a little pick me up in the morning, and a protein-packed yogurt bowl is the perfect way to get you going. But rather than your usual honey-fruit-granola combo, try having a little more fun with your toppings — even try some savory ones! Check out our video below for our 'Everything Bagel Greek Yogurt Bowl' (with toppings like bagel croutons, hardboiled egg, smoked salmon,... Read more on the AK site →

Recipe: Cookie Soufflé!

Cookie Souffle

Cold and snow got you down? Beat those winter blues with the comforting, ooey-gooey goodness of our Warm Cookie Soufflé! Cookie Soufflé Makes 4 individual soufflés INGREDIENTS Non-stick pan spray 1 1/3 cup sugar plus extra for ramekins 4 each 8oz ramekins or oven safe tasting vessel 6 oz semi sweet chocolate, chopped 1 ½ cup cream ¾ cup cornstarch 10 eggs... Read more on the AK site →

VIDEO: Dessert Grilled Cheese!

dessert grilled cheese

Nothing beats a rich and savory grilled cheese, but what happens when this classic comfort food gets a sweet makeover? Check out our video below as we make Strawberry Cheesecake, Apple Pie & Banana Tiramisu "Grilled Cheeses!" The post VIDEO: Dessert Grilled Cheese! appeared first on Abigail... Read more on the AK site →